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A Celtic Musical Adventure
Ross Jennings, GATE8 Ambassador |
This week we follow the exploits of GATE8 Ambassador, Ross Jennings, A.K.A The First Piper as he arrives in Oman to play his bagpipes across the wonderful Omani Grand Canyon. Ross shares his story and experiences as he tours the Middle East.
How to get all the toiletries you need into your hand luggage
GUEST POST: Hayley, Travel Toiletries 2 Go |
Hayley from our friends at Travel Toiletries 2 Go gives us her tips on how to breeze through airport security with all your toiletries securely packed and not a care in the world.
GATE8 Lands Titan Airways Partnership
Matt, Bag Wingman |
We are very excited to announce a new partnership with the UK’s most prestigious charter specialist, Titan Airways. The agreement is to supply GATE8 cabin luggage to the entire Titan Airways crew and pilots.
Life on the Road with Joel Lewis: Advice for fellow Business Travellers
Joel Lewis, Road Warrior |
Joel Lewis gives us the lowdown on how he maintains a cool head when travelling around the far reaches of Europe.
Which? report uncovers air traveller's worst nightmare
Matt, Digital Wingman |
The BBC has reported that a survey by Which? of 7,000 travellers found that 1 in 10 travellers was asked to put their cabin luggage in the hold before boarding their flight on Easyjet or Ryanair.

What they found next was far worse...
Sleep Doctor's tips to falling asleep on a plane
Matt, Digital Wingman |
Watch Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, who gives us the low-down on how to stand the best chance of securing some rest to wake up 'as fresh as a daisy' when you land.

Matt, Digital Wingman | News
We are proud to announce that a new ‘road warrior’ has joined the GATE8 Ambassador crew. Ross Jennings A.K.A The First Piper is a Guinness World Record holder, Educational Speaker and World Traveller. He is on a quest to be the first person to play bagpipes in every country. Thus far, Ross has managed to play his pipes in over 50 countries.
5 Travel Accessories You Will Never Need
Matt, Bag Wingman |
Travel accessories can vary hugely in innovativeness, practicality, usability, price and… well… weirdness. We’re all up for trying new things and making investments if it means taking some of the pressure off what can sometimes be the wary and strenuous life of a traveller. However, amongst the pure genius gems are also some stranger wonders to behold.
10 Tips to breeze through Airport Security like a boss!
Matt, Bag Wingman |
Airport security is a real pain in the proverbial. You wouldn't mind if the same rules applied every time but it's almost like they want to change the rules or add a couple of curve balls in just to slow us down. And we're not fans to being slowed down here at GATE8.

So, we have compiled out top 10 Tips to help you 'breeze' through airport security. This guide covers the majority of bases to help you get through security in the quickest time possible so you can sit back, relax, sip a Chai Latte and wait for your flight.
Cheap Flights for 50p?
Bag Wingman Matt |
Here's a little song about those low-cost carrier deals that are often too good to be true. :-)
The Game-Changer has arrived!
Matt, Bag Wingman |
If you’ve ever struggled through the airport or train station trying to corral your suitcase and not drop your laptop bag, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief to see our brand new Spin MATE. The Spin MATE is the world’s first hybrid wheeled carry-on bag that combines a hardshell and fully-detachable, ballistic nylon laptop bag.
31 Travel Hacks for EVERY Business Traveller
Matt (Bag Wingman) |
We’ve researched and investigated ways to make life on the road easier on the business traveler. We’ve broken down a business trip into six aspects, and assigned five hacks to each. Use any, all, or any combination of them to make your next business trip you’re best.
 Real world test of Business Mate and Zip-off Laptop bag by Gate8 luggage
Pat Danis (Professional Pilot) |
Here at GATE8 Luggage we regularly send our products out to professional pilot, cabin crew and business professional so they can test their bag's resilience, functionality and overall quality. Here is a review of the GATE8 Business MATE by Pat Danis who is a professional airline pilot from over the pond. This review is very detailed and all his words. Enjoy.
Business Travel in the 1980s vs 2016
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
Business travel as a concept was born in the 1980's but it's been improving steadily as the decades tick by. Things have come a long way since the glory days of E.T and Alf. We compare what business travel is like now compared to the real days of 'cattle class'.
8 Money Saving Hacks for your next Business trip
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
Travelling for business can be an, business! From flights to hotels to car hire and everything in between, the costs can soon stack up. If you're a regular business traveller, you might think you already do everything possible to save money. Here are eight hacks that you might not have thought of yet.
Banned on board: 10 surprising items not allowed in your hand luggage
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
We all know the benefits of flying with hand luggage only. Checking in takes half the time, security is a breeze and the peace of mind of having everything you might need with you is priceless. But what exactly can, and more importantly can you not bring with you in your hand luggage? We've taken a closer look at the rules in place and have made some interesting and quite frankly bizarre discoveries.
A Business Traveller's Guide to Bag Security
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
How safe is your bag when you fly? When you regularly travel abroad for work, a trip to the airport becomes just another flight, a way to get to your destination. It's easy to become blasé about bag security when we fly regularly, but this is when opportunistic thieves can swoop in and turn a mundane commute into a nightmare.
How to reduce stress when travelling
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
We've put together this foolproof guide to staying stress free when you travel. Follow our tips and arrive at your next meeting stress-free, full of energy and ready to deliver.
Lara Morgan: A day in the life of 'Road Warrior'
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
Entrepreneur, serial investor and super-mum, Lara Morgan is no in strange to business travel. In fact, she's a seasoned pro after spending over 221 nights away from home before selling her business, Pacific Direct, for a fair chunk of change. Lara shares her latest travel experience and how she remains calm and relaxed during her journey.
Ryanair Passenger runs across Madrid Runway
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
Have you heard the one about the guy who ran across the runway to catch up to his Ryanair flight? 
6 Healthy Business Travel Snacks to keep your brain functioning
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
Whatever your method of travel plane, train or car, it often feels like there's an unwritten rule which states healthy snacks should be as difficult to find as possible. Airport lounges and motorway service stations are often awash with fast food or unhealthy snacks, which are not great for keeping the business brain functioning. Here is a list of some great healthy snacks for when you're in transit.
The Essential Travel Checklist for the hard core Business Traveller
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
You've spent more time in the air than the pilot who greeted you on your last flight so you know what you're doing when travelling for business. But all the experience in the world can't overcome than common human trait that afflicts us all - complacency. Getting complacent when travelling is a recipe for disaster, so in the spirit of helping a fellow traveller from him/herself, here's an essential checklist for all our fellow business travellers.
10 Hand Luggage essentials to keep you entertained on your next business flight
Matt (Bag Wingman) | News
Even if you like flying, it is easy to get bored on an airplane. There are only so many times that you can flip through the in-flight magazine and marvel at the cost of the sandwiches and perfumes. This guide to the top ten essentials that you need in your hand luggage will help you to stay entertained even on the longest of flights.
5 FREE Apps to find your 'perfect match' on your business travels
Matt, Digital Wingman | News
February is going to be a hectic month with work, travel, romance, Netflix…… and we want you to take it easy. Here are 5 FREE must-have smartphone apps to help you find your perfect match (in one way or another).
GATE8 wins Award!
Alistair Callender (Chief Bag Carrier, GATE8 Luggage) | News
TEAM GATE8 - Receiving the Highly Commended Best Small Business Award at Richmond Business Awards 2015.