Every step of the journey matters, from design, manufacture, test to final delivery

Every step of the journey matters, from design, manufacture, test to final delivery

GATE8 have been designing and manufacturing crew luggage for over 20 years. We understand the operational demands of crew luggage and the need for it to expertly compliment the brand and uniform. We have worked with over 20 Airlines across the World, from Virgin Australia, EMIRATES to Europe’s largest Airline (easyJet) - we understand all aspects of working within the industry, from budgets through to the highest standards of quality required.

From single product to full range & portfolio

We are recognised experts in cabin crew and pilot luggage and travel accessories. Our experience in designing luggage for multiple airlines - from entirely bespoke cases for easyJet to branded travel accessories for Japan Airlines - means you can trust us to deliver on your specifications, budget and timelines.

GATE8 designs products with easily replaceable components to reduce environmental impact and offers airline clients the option of recycled plastic materials.

Global airline quality standards

GATE8 are the only luggage brand in the world with a bespoke luggage test facility for airline crew luggage.

We test crew bags according to how your crew will use them. Drawing on our experience of working with airlines throughout the world, we base our testing on the predicted frequency use by crew and pilots.

This guarantees you will receive crew bags that exceed your expectations with regards to quality and pricing. Our dedicated test lab is packed with the latest testing equipment and is confi gured specifi cally for your crew requirements.

Our manufacturing facilities have obtained the ISO9001:2000 accreditation and have invested in test instruments and facilities in which they run independent test workshops.

Testing is run in line with strict quality controls according to national standards and customer requirements.

To your budget We work hard to meet your budget without compromising on

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Our Airlines


"GATE8 have provided a very professional service and met all quality requirements for their crew luggage and accessories. They are easy to work with and it is clear they understand the specific airline luggage market – we would not hesitate to recommend them to an airlines."

- easyJet Cabin Service Customer Standards Manager

"We have been using GATE8 for over 5 years for our crew and pilot bags and the feedback from our crew is excellent!!! Great quality and features and new products to help our crew are being continually designed. Highly recommend GATE8 for your airline luggage and accessories."

- Titan Airways Cabin Crew Services Manager


Alistair Callender
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Alistair Callender


Alistair graduated with a first class honours degree in Electrical Engineering and went on to have a successful IT career with companies such as Oracle Consulting and BSKYB Limited before embarking on his most challenging and exciting journey of forming GATE8 Luggage.

As a frequent flyer for business, it was Alistair’s frustration at airport baggage check-in and collection queues that first gave him the idea for his company, GATE8 Luggage. With many passengers being forced to pay excess baggage fees and wasting valuable time, thanks to airlines’ varying baggage requirements, he set about designing his own universally-accepted carry-on luggage – targeted at business travellers.

Alistair went onto to design and secure IP protection for numerous luggage designs, which enabled Alistair and the team to grow GATE8 to be one of the most successful B2B Luggage businesses - with airlines across the World benefiting from the unique set of skills and experiences that GATE8 deliver to their clients.




Attention to detail

Our exceptional attention to detail ensures your luggage and travel accessories seamlessly integrate with your crew uniform and brand. Our branding services include: high stitch count embroidery; Pantone-matched trims, internal lining and main body material; woven and metal logo tags.


Managed service

We deliver a fully managed service for the bespoke supply of crew luggage to a number of airlines, enabling them to have real-time view of their inventory (stored in our secure state-of-the-art warehouse) and place orders for luggage with a next day delivery service.


E-commerce solutions

We have in-house expertise to deliver an online solution equipped to handle all allocation, issue type, approval, invoicing and reporting scenarios in line with your specific luggage delivery policy. We are also able to integrate our warehouse management system into your preferred uniform supplier's platform, delivering a seamless end user experience.

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